Maybe you’re musing on something, have an idea to share, or have experience of the criminal justice/care systems and are keen to help others in a similar situation. Tell us about it. Via blog, artwork, a short film… we want to hear from you.

How co-designing with young people can change your practice

7 December 2022

Rosie Patterson, animator, explores the assumptions, challenges and benefits involved in co-production, reflecting on her work with IAP to design an educational resource tackling gender-based violence. When I first entered…

Co-production – ‘all of the ladders, none of the snakes’

6 October 2022

Inclusion as Prevention (IAP) has produced a new report about co-production, that is intended as a resource for those working with children and young people who are considering a co-production,…

Young people support others to talk loss

24 August 2022

To support conversations around grief, bereavement and loss with children and young people, Inclusion as Prevention has produced videos by the Springhall and Whitlawburn Youth Development Team (SWYDT).

‘Everyone helps us to the finishing line’

21 July 2022

This short video shares the Inclusion as Prevention journey, who our partners are, what they do for IAP – and why it’s so important to work together in order to…

IAP football project scores in the community

5 July 2022

“I just want to play football. It’s really hard to find a pitch to play on” Inclusion as Prevention (IAP) has shared findings from an innovative pilot project which provided…

Working together to secure change

18 May 2022

Gerry Kiernan (South Lanarkshire Council) reflects on the value of IAP’s collaborative approach in bringing together services and professionals to change communities, in this excellent guest blog for IAP. Having…

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Gender-based violence among young people: take our survey

16 March 2022

Can you help us to understand experiences of gender-based violence? We are asking young people aged 12 to 25 years and who live in South Lanarkshire to complete our short…

Young people trapped in the justice system

22 February 2022

Working together with South Lanarkshire Council, SDS social work team, Action for Children Whole System Services and Inclusion as Prevention, six young people took part in a 16-week programme with…

A gender-based violence Q&A

4 November 2021

To raise awareness of the Gender Based Violence project they are working on, IAP’s Happy n Healthy youth activists held a question & answer session via Instagram on October 28.…

Mental health, grief and self-care

13 October 2021

Mental health is a bigger issue now more than ever, and children and young people are particularly affected as they deal with the effects of the ongoing Covid pandemic. With…

Bail and remand – Dan’s Story

18 August 2021

Bail and remand can be difficult to understand if you’re a child or a young person – or if you’re supporting them as a family member. By creating this short…

The halfway point – how you can help

12 August 2021

As Inclusion as Prevention (IAP) reaches the halfway point in its five-year span, Natasha Hessami reflects back on the first IAP Annual Assembly – and the ideas to help IAP…

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What’s the point of IAP?

14 July 2021

As the Inclusion as Prevention (IAP) celebrates the launch of its website and reaching its halfway point, Natasha Hessami reflects on the aims and achievements of this National Lottery funded project, which is…

IAP video

The Story So Far

23 June 2021

A snapshot of year 2 of Inclusion as Prevention from the perspective of young people and the IAP workers group.

The shape of IAP

24 July 2019

Fern Gillon is Improvement Coordinator for Inclusion as Prevention (IAP), funded by the National Lottery Community Fund and delivered by CYCJ, Action for Children, South Lanarkshire Council and the Dartington Design Lab. Here she talks about…